Is your business ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Posted on 07 Jul '17

GDPR will become legislation on 25th May 2018 and forms a means to protect individual data to citizens within the European Union (EU). 

To simplify the impact that this will have on your business and to ensure you and your business remain compliant, there are some simple key facts which are already known.  Yet, this legislation is still a work in progress and neither the UK or European governments have finalised how this new legislation will be implemented or policed.

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Counter Displays – Convenience, Versatility, Design

Posted on 09 Jun '17

Recently we wrote about how beneficial it is to include retail displays in your retail marketing strategy. We thought it would be a good idea to expand on the topic and talk about benefits for specific types of displays. In this post we will discuss three main benefits of having counter displays in your retail display mix. Keep in mind that we always recommend having more than one type of display in your strategy to compliment each other.

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Is price everything? Or do customer relations matter more? Perhaps it is a mixed bag?

Posted on 25 May '17

The answer is yes, no, maybe or depends…while price is key, it’s not always the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right print and procurement supplier for your business needs.

With our combined and expansive experience, Printwell UK have come across a myriad of reasons as to why people choose to go with one supplier over another – and some can be more unexpected than others. 

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What is a Standee?

Posted on 12 May '17

A standee is a large self-standing display promoting a movie, product or event.
They are typically made of foam-board, and may range from large self-standing posters to elaborate three-dimensional display devices with moving parts and lights.
Standees are also called lobby stands in the film industry. Have an idea of your own? 
Talk to us today to find out how this amazing product can bring life to any indoor environment for you call our team on 020 8687 9234.

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Tried and tested email marketing campaigns

Posted on 27 Feb '17

Marketers have the power to send flashy emails with advanced personalization, amazing creative and gripping copy. However, it is easy to get caught up with pushing the boundaries in your campaigns, and even easier to forget the basics of what should be best practice. The aim of this blog is to remind you of three important tips you must remember when putting together your campaigns.

1. Remember the journey to open
When checking their emails most people think of three things: who is it? What is it? Where do I go from here?

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The Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 is Green

Posted on 16 Jan '17


Rejuvenation, restoration and renewed energy – all sound pretty good right?

These are themes behind Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017: also known as 15-0343 Greenery.

Manifesting as a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring”, Greenery envelops the notion to breathe, reinvigorate and appreciate the great outdoors. 

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