Printwell UK Embraces 2017 with Confidence with Xerox iGen 5

January 17, 2017, Wokingham, UK – Xeretec, one of the largest and most established suppliers and integrators of digital print hardware, software, solutions and services in the UK and Ireland, has announced that it has supplied and installed a Xerox iGen 5 to Mitcham-based Printwell (UK) Limited. The deployment is significant for establishing Printwell UK as one of only two printers in the UK to not only have the iGen 5, but also to have specified it with all three of the iGen 5’s optional fifth colours. The iGen 5’s deployment forms part of Printwell’s 2017 growth strategy to drive new business opportunities and increase revenue opportunities in 2017.

A print success story, Printwell UK supports a wide client list ranging from medium and small organisations to major brands including Superdrug, New Look and Samsung. Established over 30 years ago, it has over 50 members of staff in the group and it stands apart for being the only printer south of Leicester to offer Spot colour capabilities. Commenting on the iGen 5’s deployment, Printwell UK’s Commercial Manager, John Smith, said: “We believe that the iGen 5 will play a vital role in enabling Printwell UK to target customers who may not have considered outsourcing their print to a supplier with a digital machine. Those potential customers could include specialist marketing agencies who have clients with extremely strict guidelines with respect to colour and brand control both in print and online. We now have the capability to meet their requirements thanks to the iGen 5.”

He added: “Equally, we’ve had promising discussions with existing customers who are excited that we now have the iGen 5. They understand that the optional colours means that we now have the resource to produce even more print and online marketing materials on their behalf, which will bring print, image consistency and quality control under one roof to ensure brand control. The iGen 5’s outstanding image quality has given us the confidence to pursue these new opportunities and it underpins our strategy for increasing revenue streams in 2017. We believe that the investment we have made in the iGen 5 will benefit our business as well as the new and existing clients that we serve. Looking ahead, we’re considering adding a second iGen 5 in less than 18–24 months.”

One other market sector the iGen 5 will enable Printwell UK to target is high-end estate agents, selling premium residential properties. Their print needs to range from glossy, impactful property particulars to ‘For Sale’ signs right down to their own branding materials.

“Estate agents selling at the higher end of the market need collaterals to match and the iGen 5 helps us to meet their needs,” John added. He also stated that the device’s near photographic-quality image quality was another advantage that would appeal to all customers who demand the image quality of a litho print finish, but with the price and print run flexibility of a digital device.

The Xerox iGen is a digital printing press that uses industry-leading digital colour printing and workflow technology to deliver exceptional productivity and output. Its benchmark-setting configurability has been extended with the option of a fifth colour, with customers able to choose from Orange, Green or Blue as a supplement to CMYK, making it easy to extend the press’s gamut and match more spot colours and a wider variety of Pantone colours.

From the order being signed to the device being installed and operational, took just eleven days, a time-frame which John described as ‘remarkable.’ Expanding on the service Printwell UK received from Xeretec, John said: “Unlike other suppliers, Xeretec didn’t hit me with a hard sell approach. It took the time to listen to Printwell UK’s needs and future plans. It didn’t feel like Xeretec was only interested in a quick sell but it was interested in developing a long term partnership, instead. This approach manifested itself in the excellence of the post-sale training, technical, marketing and PR support that Xeretec offered. Xeretec’s long term approach will help us to get maximum value from the iGen 5 over the course of its time with us.”